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New Releases

Beams Furiosa

Journey Across Apocalypse (Surviving Apocalypse Book 1)

Meet Leah, the lone survivor of her destroyed compound in a wasteland called Apocalypse.

Everything was going fine for Leah… Until she snuck out of the compound with her brother.

There are people in this world and they don’t call it the Otherwhere like she does. They call this world Apocalypse…

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The Savage Bloom Slaughter (Surviving Apocalypse Book 0.5)

Rooted in blood, darkness blooms…

When Sylvia receives a call from her grandmother telling her that her grandfather has disappeared, she returns home for the first time in years.

She finds something that she could not have expected. Something that’s not from here.

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Death: Faith Drives Progress (Surviving Apocalypse Book 2)

Not even Apocalypse can kill Leah…

Everything is going wrong for Leah. She’s seen her brother in person, but she’s no closer to rescuing him.

Now she must face the terrors that keep her own oppressors awake at night.

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Conquest: Cloaked in Shadow (Surviving Apocalypse Book 3)

Leah destroyed Apocalypse. What she’s unleashed can only be worse…

Leah thought she was dying… Until she opened her eyes in space.

Being in space is nothing more than a hurdle. One she’s all too willing to destroy…

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Famine: Control in Every Measure (Surviving Apocalypse Book 4)

The universe is crumbling around Leah…

She tries to build a team, tries to bring together those who are not alike to get back home, but when everyone’s looking out for themselves, how can she possibly trust them to help her?

Everyone is fighting to live a single additional day, but the world is conspiring against them…

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Rovers: The Future of Apocalypse (Surviving Apocalypse Book 5)

The final pieces of the puzzle are falling into place, but will the completed picture be one of salvation… Or one of destruction?

Leah travels towards Space Station Prime, hoping it’s the key that will unlock her way home, but someone is waiting on Space Station Prime for her. Someone special.

In the last moments, everyone will come together. Will they save Apocalypse, or will they send it into hell?

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Bounty Hunters of Apocalypse (Surviving Apocalypse Book 6)

Meet Harrow and Mammon. When the world’s two best bounty hunters target each other, who will come out on top?

Everything was going fine for Harrow and Mammon… Until they received each other as targets.

Harrow is a wytch from the Death province who wants to overthrow the Queen of Death, her mother.

Mammon is a soldier from Conquest whose crew recently mutinied and stole his ship, leaving him behind to die.

Both see the other as the ultimate prize and the amount they would receive upon completion is staggering.

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1M readers can't be wrong... Subscribe to my newsletter and get your FREE novella, just tell me where to send it.